I am trying to make a jquery/php chat and i append data to the chat box, but then when the jquery loop trys to get the .last() data it gets the one before the appended data causing it to append the same data over and over again. hHow would i get the .last() div added even if its appended?

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
    function addmsg(type, msg){
        /* Simple helper to add a div.
        type is the name of a CSS class (old/new/error).
        msg is the contents of the div */
            "<div class='msg "+ type +"'>"+ msg +"</div>"

    function waitForMsg(){
        /* This requests the url "msgsrv.php"
        When it complete (or errors)*/
        var className = $('.messages:last-child').attr('class');
            type: "GET",
            url: "msgsrv.php?ID=11&MID=409&SELECT=" + className,

            async: true, /* If set to non-async, browser shows page as "Loading.."*/
            cache: false,
            timeout:50000, /* Timeout in ms */

            success: function(data){ /* called when request to barge.php completes */
                addmsg("new", data); /* Add response to a .msg div (with the "new" class)*/
                    waitForMsg, /* Request next message */
                    1000 /* ..after 1 seconds */
            error: function(XMLHttpRequest, textStatus, errorThrown){
                addmsg("error", textStatus + " (" + errorThrown + ")");
                    waitForMsg, /* Try again after.. */
                    15000); /* milliseconds (15seconds) */

        waitForMsg(); /* Start the inital request */

    <div id="chat" style="overflow:auto;">
        <div id="messages" class="0" style="display:inline;">
        <div id="messages" class="0" style="display:inline;">

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Without looking at the js first things I see are 2 ids called "messages" each with display:inline.

Yeah and i want to select the .last() messages

IDs can only appear once.

Your code references #messages (an id) and also .messages (a class) - which is it to be?

Your js results with the ajax call query string having SELECT=undefined

I want it to say that the id is messages then the class will have the message so .1 .2 .3 ...... .10 etc and then it needs to get the id from #messages and then check the database, and then it'll append the newer ones and then jquery will have to get the id from the newset appeneded #messages and check again.

For starts I see at line 14:


But in your HTML I don't see anything with a classname of "messages". Should that dot not be a hashtag? In line 14?

From a second look at it I would suspect that the error lies in your PHP file. Does it get the required data passed to it? Does
url: "msgsrv.php?ID=11&MID=409&SELECT=" + className,
not always send the same request? For ID=11 and MID=409?

I got it to work. I had to switch

    "<div class='msg "+ type +"'>"+ msg +"</div>"



and i forgot to show my scond file but i had a <br> at the end which messed it up so i had to move it to the beggining.

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