I am developing my own image hosting script and i want to add api image upload.However i have no idea of how to create API support at this moment.I particularly like the tinyurl api .
How can i create a similar api so that users can upload images to my website locally(from their computer) and also from their computer
This is a good indication of what i want to achieve
[http://www.wjunction.com/92-development-area/116805-lulzimg-api-sort-upload-example.html](API upload)
The question is how is the app.php coded?

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See Restler. It will help you build a REST API.

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Thanks pritaeas
But can u show me a sample code for file upload with the rest API
Will use it as a model and customise it to my needs


@pritaeas you shared some content with us. Really worth full. But I need some suggestion from you that is it suitable for dynamic page or static one?
please reply on that.

Solutions Infini.

Explain what you mean. Your question is not very clear to me.

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