Hi guys,

Good day
I like to inform you that I work in oDesk (SEO). I have learnt about WordPress and Web Design, but I never work professionally in oDesk before.

I just want to know that how to start Professional Web Design work if I get this. Which elements need to start for the job? May I ask client to provide something like PSD file or images or anything else for this job?

In fact, I just want to get a start up guideline as well.

No more, I am waitng for your kind response.

Thank you.

To get work on odesk , you will be well known about web designing . use latest tool , make your portifilo which show your quality work and submit into odesk profile

Just ask them which type of website they want means simple(without using flash or Slidders) or Semi Dynammic(Using Bam=nners, Slidders) or Dynamic(Using Flash) and create 2-3 single page templets and show them.

If you think of becoming a professional web designer, you should get a lot of things ready:

Professional Web Designers build and create Web pages for their customers. They design the layout and create the content. So first of all, you should get a lot of information on basic and advanced knowledges and skills of webpage making and the use of related application. Besides, web designer is an artistic work, so you should learn a lot of things on Graphic Design and gain inspiration from your life and other place.

In a company graphic designer create a layouts in photoshop and other graphic designing softwares, only web desigers are create html and styling for the webpages.

You have to pay more time for learning the latest trends for web design. Because you have to show up your skills, so that customers attract with your creative work. Try to improve yourself see quality work of your niche and try to compete them

You create by using div based layouts

Doing professional web design work isn't easy - especially if you haven't gone down that route before.

If you're seriously interested in getting involved in this line of work and want to impress your clients, I would recommend the following:

  1. Make sure you understand what your client wants / needs. Definitely ask them lots of questions, including "Do you Have a desired site in mind?, Do you have a desired look in mind?, How do you want to vary yourself from your competitor?, etc." The more questions you ask - the better understanding of how they are going to want their project.

  2. Do research. Look at their competitors and see what they are doing. If you don't have a graphic designer or someone who can design a layout in photoshop, you will need to get one or take on that step yourself. (My best recommendation is to have a good understanding of HTML, CSS and photoshop so you can tackle the project by yourself, otherwise you'll be hiring someone.) Once you've done research, I would create wireframes and milestones to show your client how the project will progress.

  3. Once you've agreed with your client on how the project will be structured, it's time to start working. It's always best to show your client a mockup of the website in photoshop before you code anything. This way, if they want to make changes to the design, you will be able to do that without going through the hassle of coding.

  4. Once you're client has agreed to a layout, then proceed to code the website.

The most important thing to know here is (and as others have said before) that you need to have your main tools in your belt (HTML, CSS, Photoshop) before taking on any client. This can take a while - so make sure you have patience!

Good luck!

(Also, I want to thank you for pointing out this topic - it has inspired me to write about professional web development start-up - If I finish it soon, I'll make sure to send you the link :))

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