I was wondering how could I display around 10 rows vertically and 34 horizontally in a table view with ticks?
Every row will have a tick, which upon saving will be added to the database. Any suggestions are highly appreciated!

When you say a tick, I assume you mean a checkbox?

Sounds like a simle gridview connected to your datasource can do the trick. The gridview would require for you to hit an edit button to make the row editable.

Otherwise, without a gridview or other control, you could simply lay this out in a table format, set the checkbox to auto postback and update your database table.

without the postback, you can do the same, but using ajax.

Yeah, a checkbox would perfect. What I am trying to do a create the SQL statement in a PIVOT view, and then actually get the date in a gridview. I do have a datagridview with an edit button, with auto postback.

For the table format, do I have to draw the table and include a checkbox on a every row or?

Thanks for the response.