I'm trying to create a script which get an url and makes a thumbnail in .NET C#. I tried some scripts I found on the internet but I used this one. However I saw that it uses lot of resources and sometimes becomes very slow. Next, I tried to find out solution with php on Apache server, but it's hard and unreliable.

I found these web services which are free but you have to pay in order to have quality and fast results:



http://immediatenet.com (only free)

and these software:



What's the best? To buy a software and put it on your server (= more resources) or use a paid service? Does anyone want to share some experience about this?

Personally, I prefer a paid service:

  • The images are (hopefully) stored on a CDN for fast retrieval.
  • Images are shared, so likely to be already created/refreshed.
  • No processor drain on your own server.
  • No storage drain on your own server.
  • Paid is usually there to stay, unlike unfunded freebies.