Hello there
I have question about how to update multi row in MySQL database, I used while function but this do the job with more time and no indecator when to finish the work,
is there any efficient way to update like 1000 row with one button and make indecator to see the progress of work ?

I used this code

if(isset($_POST['update'])) {
   $sql = "SELECT user FROM users";
$query = mysql_query($sql)or die(mysql_error());
while($found = mysql_fetch_array($query))

$psn = New psn(); 
$psnUser = $psn->get_jid($found['user']); 
$gold = $psnUser [0]['gold'];
$silver = $psnUser [0]['silver'];
$bronze = $psnUser [0]['bronze'];
$score = $psnUser [0]['points'];
$level = $psnUser [0]['level'];
$total = $psnUser [0]['total'];
$progress= $psnUser[0]['progress'];
$totalgames= $games['totalGames'];

$sql="UPDATE `users` SET  `level` =  '$level',
`bronze` =  '$bronze',
`silver` =  '$silver',
`gold` =  '$gold',
`total` =  '$total',
`score` =  '$score',
`progress` =  '$progress',
`totalg` =  '$totalgames' WHERE  `user` = '$found[user]' LIMIT 1 ";

 $result=mysql_query($sql)or die(mysql_error());

echo $found['user'];
echo "  ....... DONE <br>";
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I've saw the link and try the examples, all of them update the counter or items then appears once with message complete :(
I need to update one by one and see the result for each result.

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