My team and I are tasked with making an interactive animation, that teaches college students about DNS cache poisoning, and host it on a website designed in HTML5. The interactive animation needs to be viewable with all web browsers and without requiring any plug-ins or downloads (e.g. Flash cannot be used). We need to use javascript to make the interactive animation, but we would like to incorporate interactive 3D objects in it as well. Does anyone know of any projects or javascripts packages that will allow us to accomplish this?

You could simply implement everything because, to me, the project is not that big. The only part that needs to be incorporated is the content of the class. HTML5 already supports 3D rendering (example). The animation part should be customized by you. If you already know JavaScript, it would be better to do it yourself rather than use JQuery because you would have to learn how to use JQuery. The JQuery is just a simplified version of JavaScript for those who don't want to know how things work in the background.