Hi I am trying to get a error posted on the page without it taking everything out and posting just the error, its for editing your details on your account, its to do with the email so once you enter a email and its not within the "filer_var" FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL guidelines for a email, it should just give you an error saying "invalid email address" without taking out the whole page with it.

this is the code I am having trouble with:

        // Make sure the user entered a valid E-Mail address 
        if(!filter_var($_POST['email'], FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)) 
             header("Location: edit_account.php");

now what I want is for it to post the "invalid email address" at the top of the page or somewhere but I have no idea where to go about with this I think its java/jquery but I have no idea I have tried searching for a solution but to no anvil.

I have seen other sites that have nice effects etc for stuff like that but I have literally no idea where to start so any help would be massively greatful :)