I have some time that I am trying to build a page with some menus and to include joberbase into one menu
but I am having a problem to include it on the page.
I am using iframes to show it, but when I click on Post New Job the height of the
joberbase page change and gives an extra scrollbar.
I think that this problem might me solved with some javascript code.
Can someone help me?!

Here it's the link to donwload a sample of the project

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Can someone help me?!

I don't download files.

So base on the issue you are having is that you want to resized the iFrame using javascript?

You can read this link that can let you resized the Iframe using javascript:


or you can used jQuery:

<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery(function($) {
$('.iframe').css('height', $(window).height()+'px');

<iframe src="iframe.html" width="60%" class="iframe">
<p>iFrame working</p>