halo..i need some help on tis problem..

how to show the URL without .asp or query string with parameters behind?
for example, i have a url string : www.abc.com/abc/abc.asp?id=1. how can i display the url in tis format with out the querystring? example: www.abc.com/abc/1
please help on tis? i have do some research on the third party component,and installed the Dll. but it seem not working.plz help
thank you very much

Unfortunately, this is translated by the webserver as a call to

To resolve this as http://www.abc.com/abc/abc.asp?id=1, you would need the ability to create custom error pages on the server. In this case, you would need to be able to host a custom 404.asp page.

The code inside the 404.asp page would simply parse out the request URL and perform a Server.Transfer to the URL of choice.

i need help url rewrite:::8 i hope to solve this problem

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