Yesterday I accidentally found game creator for html5.
I follower beggingers tutorial and in more than 2 hours I created a game where player walks in the terrain, and zombies are attacking him. Player shooot them, then those zombies explode. I cannot imagine how much time it would have took to write this by hand.

ANd this creator has various events and so on, for example - on colition event. When you code it youself, you have to deal with coordinates and stuff. But here you don't need that. Its like framework. But just you don't program, but put with the mouse your objects, set properties, events. Something like in Delphi or Visual basic you place buttons. Its cool, so do we need to learn this html5 at all then if we can make animations with such tools? :)

I prefer knowing what's going on in the background. Although well tested, not all frameworks are bug free, so it would be very convenient if you know how to fix it (compared to waiting for a new framework release containing your fix).