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but I want the same effect in php,jquery/javascript/ajax which is very urgent to do.

Thats what I thinkhe wants to do... I don't think anyone is just going to tell you how to do this. You need to at least try to figure out how to do it then look up separate parts of it you need to figure out how to do, instead of having us do it for you.

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Hi JorgeM ,

My question is already posted . However I am giving you again. open the given link ->click on the red button (continent) and its corresponding effect on the right side text->then click on country and see its corresponding effect (text and cascade) on the left side and so on. again to come to world wide ,click on the "worldwide" on the left side cascade. My question is -: how to do it in php,javascript/ajax/jquery with out using flash(because the link given is developed in flash )



No one is just going to tell you how to do this, you need to do this yourself or at least do some research. In plain javascript it's going to be complicated if possible so hmhm.

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