Hi all i have recently been using fireworks MX and have created a working menu. it is uploaded on my server and currently have it in a html page as this was the code fireworks gave me.
How can i put this html / javascript menu into a php block? Looking at tutorials online it seems like i need to make a block and using the $content code insert the html?
I have some basic knowledge of php but this seems a bit advanced and i am struggling to get it to work!
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

With PHP you can embed HTML anywhere you want to. Just close your open PHP tags, put the HTML in place, and then reopen your PHP tags.

but in order for it to appear in a php block it needs to use the $content tag is that right??
So your saying all i need to do is open the php tags
$content ="

and thats it??
cheers for your help

no need for th


you just do like

//your code goes here 

<!--here goes the menu-->