hi all i cant see my erron in the code i have followed the tutorial but i cant see it 
i wont some help. here is my code.

$to = 'andi_138el@hotmail.com';
$subject = 'Contact from submitted';
$body = $contact_name."\n".$contact_text;
$headers = 'From: '.$contact_email;

if (mail($to,$subject, $body, $headers)){
echo 'Thanks for contacting us. We\'ll be in touch soon';
echo 'Sorry,an error occurred.Please try again later.';

do u have mail server configured in ur network,
you need to set smtp mail server in php.ini file for sending mail

no i dont have mail server but im using macromedia and i wont to make some tests before upload this code

Macromedia has no email ability.

Your test server (XAMP etc) will have this function. You will need to configure it

i have to configure macromedia??

Hi, I'm curious about this one too as I want to test my mail script too but I don't know how to do it offline.

Read what is written!!!!
You need to configure ur test server are u using xampp?
Macromedia (dreamweaver) doesnt have the ability!!