Hey there guys :)

I need to create a page (HTML) which contains some static content, and an iframe. The iframe is used to contain an external page, so I am trying to 'inject' the source of the page into the document element of theiframe.

You would ask me, why not directly set the src attribute of the iframe element? Well, I need to process and alter the HTML of the source page before posting it, so this is out of the question.

I should probably add that I am developing an application in Java, so I'm using Servlets for the whole thing. So, I have a servlet that makes a request to an external server and gets a page as a response. I then process the response (the HTML code of the page), and generate my page with the static content, plus an iframe containing the modified HTML.

For this, I have tried saving the modified HTML to a temporary file, then setting the src attribute of theiframe to this temp file. Works as a charm, but when it comes to deleting the temp file Tomcat doesn't behave very well. So I thought about completely eliminating the file, hence injecting the HTML into the iframe at runtime. The thing is, I haven't been able to achieve anything satisfying yet. I try passing the HTML as a parameter from the Servlet to JavaScript, but it's virtually impossible as I haven't been able to "escape" any special content the page might have (scripts, css, links etc.)

I am not quite sure whether it's possible to pass a parameter from the Servlet to JavaScript, and I am not sure whether it's a good idea.

Any suggestion is welcome, and I thank you for your time :)

remove iframe, and try ajax with div.

if you can get html source by servlet, then try this on webpage (if you use jquery)

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