i want to create repository on github so that more than one people can work on same project.

i already create a organiztion, team and repository. https://github.com/Socialwebsite/socal_website.git

there is one dir on my computer, one on other peoson computer. and we are uploading on github.
so "xammpp>htdocs>socal_website"

but its remove older files on github when u commit files. not sure what iam doing wrong. when every i commit files than other person commit files. than it will del the old files. but i want to update the files. -_-

i think its bc even tho its one repository on the website but we all are not connect to it at same time.
we were think of using different site. github seem hard to connect and stuff.

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The purpose of committing is to update the older file to the newer version. I do not understand what you mean by "it removes older files". Can you give a more detailed situation sketch?

it hard for me to explain it bc i dont fully understant it myself. ok so
we have this dir on github: https://github.com/Socialwebsite/socal_website.git

computer 1: me
on my computer i have a dir where i put files in and than i can commet those files. It get uploaded to this dir: https://github.com/Socialwebsite/socal_website.git. les say i uploaded 3 files a.php - b.php - c.php

computer 2: my friend
on his computer he have a dir where he put files in and than he can comment those files on github dir https://github.com/Socialwebsite/socal_website.git. les say he upload files d.php - e.php - f.php.

the problem is that the github dir: https://github.com/Socialwebsite/socal_website.git. you will see only d.php - e.php - f.php files. The files a.php b.php - c.php get delete.

we want it so that files a,b,c,d,e,f.php get upload. fiest 3 files mine and last 3 my friends.

They are only deleted if someone commits those deletes. I think you should all read up on how it works. It has to be a manual action, it just doesn't delete files by itself.

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