I have some issues on my website with my deeplinks

Let me show you sample regarding this issues



Until here everything is fine but I got lots of visitor coming for Google and the vistor find my website and come from such URL


There is anyone who can advise or tell me how to fix this issues, as all this URL aboce are actually working but website like upsidedown

Best regards,

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Issues with my website and Indexed Google URL

This question is more suited in the Internet Marketing section than PHP section. If you have a php code related to your issue then post the code. If not, post it on the Internet Marketing section so someone over there will help you.

Read this if you haven't read this before:


Hi scenium,

Here's the thing you should do:

  1. Check on what website the links are comming from. This might be an issue of people clicking on a mistyped or changed URL in your HTML A tag, from a reffering HTML A tag, unless you have typed it that way, or intentional.
  2. Or check your redirection script, if there's any, if these are redirections from a landing page.

Let me know, if you need clarifications.


Thanks for your help and I yes it was a issues with my redirection script and now all url are redirected directly to the correct URL

Sorry if i didn't post in the right place

best regards,

You're welcome :)

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