There's a web-site I used to access regularly but now when I try i come up with the message "version.php PHP script text." I don't even know what PHP is but is there any way that I can still get into the web-site or read it?

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you can only access what is available to you as end user. let the people managing the site do the work. sorry if my response is harsh

That's a problem on the server-side of that website. Only the website administrators can fix that. You could try and access cached versions of some of the sites pages using

I don't even know what PHP is

If you are not kidding :-): PHP is a server side scripting language that does a bit of processing before spitting out a html page (with a .php extension). This is how scripting enabled web server can add some logic to the displayed page (show results form a database query and so on) which is not possible in html only web site. Similar technology in the windows world are and ASP.

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I don't even know what PHP is

Unless you have the code samples that are causing the problem, it is unlikely that we'll be able to help you. If the site isn't yours, send the owner an e-mail to tell of the issue. There's nothing you can do (well I assume not) to get the script working. It may be that the page requires certain data passed to it (e.g. form or in the url) that you're not passing. However, to get that sort of message, looks like some shoddy programming. Trusting the data from the site in that case, would take a bit of a blow. But, it could be that the owner is just running some new code that hasn't been thoroughly tested/debugged yet. It happens on DW sometimes.

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