I hosted a web site. (Still developing and adding component to it) It was working well until today evining. But now it is not working well. some JS not working. I have back ups. (Every time i got back ups in working versions). I thought this happen due to my some code error. Then I restore my last back up. (It also working well earlier). But still has that problem. Please tell me the reason for this....?

in order to help we need details. Post some error codes or at least the code block which seems to create the problem. Also check server, database and PHP errors logs.

Does your site work with a database? PHP? Perhaps some files you left out of the backup? What is it exactly that your website is failing at?

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Is this a question that expect us to be a ble to answer?

OK, my crystal ball tells me it's an issue on line 37.

The problem is no any issue/error showing. I used a function for redirect a url with parameters. Its in res.js

code in res.js

function redirectURL() {

var pickup1 = document.getElementById('pickupID').value;
var drop1 = document.getElementById('dropID').value;

document.location = 'http://www.<my site url going here>reservations.php?pickup='+pickup1+'&drop='+drop1+'';

I called image on click to above function.

<a href="#" onClick="redirectURL();"><img src="image/booknow.gif" width="120" height="40" border="0" style="border:0px"></a>

the problem is there is no any error. it worked well earlier. after i change some code it is not going to work well. then i copy the back up. it also not working. (only above mention part is not working. Other parts working well)

Then I did like this.

function redirectURL() {
    alert ("in redirect function");


Basically it hould have to come to the function. earlier it is redirected to my specific url. but now it is not showing the alert box as well.

This is what i did up to now. and some other problem also occured when i developing this. earlier the url has only one parameter to pass. then i added another parameter called "pickup". after i click the image address bar only show my earlier code which is only one parameter passing. Im sure that i got the rigth file to edit. I tested it with adding echo commands on my php. Then i fed up with it. after few hours i logged on and again i try to run my code. then my url is working. (But in current problem, that miracle not happens. :( ) I'm so familier with .NET technologies. I'm bit new to PHP. When we getting some problem like that we are cleaning the solution in visual studio. but in php we are unable to do it. please tell me is there any method to clean the solution or something like that.....????

I guess you guys can understand my question....

Two thoughts come to mind

  1. Cacheing
  2. Publishing process

Is there a public URL we can view?

So it would appear to not be a PHP issue?

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You've shown javascript but no code for php. Do you need this moved to the js forum?

@paulkd is right. It may be the problem of history/cacheing of browser.
You can try by removing history from browser.