hi there,

need some urgeny help. is there a way to from my web application php/mysql create an email which will go to outlook and send via outlook?

so user uses the web application to input customer details. create message with attachments from the server and then presses a button to send via outlook and it will pre populate the message etc into outlook so they can send?

currently send via web application using phpmail but need this as an added option to the application.

many thanks

will this work on pop mail via outlook? need a way to just open outlook with the content of message and any attachments if possible?


Open Outlook on the client?

yeah so your on the web application on your browser and you then get the option to send it by web application or through outlook where it will put the content of the email message in and the to box pre populated.

thanks again

thanks for that. so my mail message on application will be where testmail.asp is but instead in php?

i thought i could just echo something from my recordset?


i thought i could just echo something from my recordset?

Just echoing something would display it in the browser. You need the Javascript to trigger the Outlook message popup. Note that the ActiveX only works on Windows machines, but that shouldn't be an issue since you're targeting Outlook users.

what about just using mailto hyperlink passing to, title and body?

my only issue is passing attachments?