Hi all !

  1. I'm developing a Database Web aplication with PrimeFaces, JSF frameworks.
  2. I've allready implemented Managment Bean, Session Bean and EntityClass.
  3. What's the problem ?

I need to populate <p:dataTable> with data from Dbase, but I need filtering on dBase level, because I'm going to deel with a lot of data form dBase.

  1. What's the problem of the problem ? :)

Each header of a row of the <p:dataTable> has a <p:TextFiled>.
By inputting letters in to <textField onchange="#{SomeBean.SendQueryAndUpdateDataTableWithResults}"> I what to send a Query to dBase and recewe List of records which are matching the letters from <p:TextFiled>

I have no idea how to dynamicly update value of
<p:dataTable value="#{SomeBean.getRecordList}">
or at least refresh the dataTable. Anything else i can handle by mysefl.

Have anyone had such a problem and knows how to handle this or maby can give an advice. Thanks for any help.

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