Dear php coders... I need someone to help modify the attached ecommerce software.
I want to skip "ADDRESS" step in chekout process.
If someone knows this ecommerce platform and can help to customize it, please let me know where and what part of code i need to change.
I am going to sell license keys via this platform, though i do not need any address or billing information from my customers. I had modified some part of code and disabled all not necessary fields(such as birthday, gender, etc.), but can't disable address step during checkout and registration process.

Prestashop website - www.prestashop.com

If someone just can help me , i wil PM the login and password from web hosting.

Thank you.

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@webline - I would advise against PMing your hosting details - anybody could reply to this - including some bad people.


You always sought to create your own online store but didn’t had the familiarity how to found or what shopping-cart solution to use?
No Problem! In this article I will begin you the key-features of PrestaShop, one of the most worn open-source e-Commerce shopping-cart solutions out there, which is free to use and with a big the public.


@diafol - Thank you, i know that, but i have nothing to loose because it's an free web hosting service just prestashop installed by default.


@raihan.ikbal - i really do not understand the meaning of your post... ?

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