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Can any one tell me what are the new methods used in mobile marketing

It's the same as a regular website. Using social media platform. Website has benifit using it's technique, it hasn't change


the new method that mostly people is using that is website link they give the link of the website in which they can visit the sites


grow a list of costumers mobile numbers and text them with important updates and promotion.

like 20 % Off for a rang of your products.

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Mobile Marketing is far more advanced and beneficial than traditional methods of marketing. The biggest difference is that you have information on the user you are targeting. This is vital because you can target your advertising based on demographic, location, device etc.

If you are looking to market your app I suggest you read up on some basics first. Here is a presentation on Mobile Marketing 101. You can also try an App Insight report by InMobi which will give you insights and tips on marketing your app.

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