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Good Morning.
Actually i'm doing online quizz project.
so when ever user login details are true he has to take a test.
so that i displaying questions randomly from database.
when i press F5/Ctrl+r/browser Refresh Button the questions are changing simultaneously.
What i require is the questions could not while refreshing the page.
so please help me to disable the refreshing the page. or suggest a better way to dislay the same questions even page refrishing.
even i used session registers.but it was not working..thanking you all.. help me guys

Reposting question, which has already been answered in a different thread

I agree, this question is very similar.

If you believe that this is a duplicate post, we may be able to close this thread and direct contributors to the previous one. Otherwise, please take the time to respond to the contributions on the other thread and ensure that the info you need in this thread is indeed distinct from the other.

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