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I have made a form and want to get values in form.php when Submit button is clicked.These values are write on a file form.txt.How can I do this??

<form  action="form.php" method="post">
Name:<input type="text" name="Name" ><br/>
Address:<input type="text" name="Address"><br/>
Email:<input type="text" name="Email"><br/>
Why do you want to learn Javascript?
<input type="radio"> Do not know<br/> 
<input type="radio"> Because my boss told me to <br/>
<input type="radio"> Generally interested <br/>
<input type="radio"> It might come in useful <br/>
How did you get to this site? 
    <option> I found it by accident </option><br/>
    <option> Through WDF </option><br/>
    <option> Through ABC </option><br/>
    <option> Through a search engine </option><br/>
I'd like additional information about<br/> 
    <input type="Checkbox"> C++<br/>
    <input type="Checkbox"> Visual Basic<br/>
    <input type="Checkbox"> HTML <br/>
    <input type="Checkbox"> CSS<br/>
<textarea cols="10" rows="20" name="mytextarea">
    <input type="button" value="Submit">

Here is the form.php.What is the mistake in it and how can I correct it?

$file = 'form.txt'; 
$fh = fopen($file, 'w') or die("Can't open file");
fwrite($fh, $Name); 
fwrite($fh, $Address); 
fwrite($fh, $Email); 

Instead of $Name use $_POST['Name']

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I have tried $_POST ['Name']...But error message comes that it is undefined.

add print_r($_REQUEST); to the top of your page and post the results

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I have also tried print_r($_REQUEST). But error comes that it is undefined.

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It will be when you load the page for the first time or even refresh as it's looking for the variable before the page has been submitted to itself.

<form  action="form.php" method="post">

If the form is in form.php iteself, then this is a bad idea. Try to use a form handler file to deal with submissions. You then get to stop any resubmissions on page reload.

You could do something like this - have action="form_handler.php" and then in that file have:

    $file = 'form.txt'; 
    $fh = fopen($file, 'w') or die("Can't open file");
    if(isset($_POST['Name']))fwrite($fh, $_POST['Name']); 
    if(isset($_POST['Address']))fwrite($fh, $_POST['Address']);
    if(isset($_POST['Email']))fwrite($fh, $_POST['Email']); 
    //the above needs error checking and validation
    $_SESSION['formMsg'] = 1;
    $_SESSION['formMsg'] = 2;
header("Location: form.php");
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Thanks. Now I have known my mistake.I also want to know that if I want to get value selected from checkbox, radio button and drop down list, what should I have to do?

For the radio buttons and dropdown list you can do the same thing you did for "text" inputs. Simply put a "name" attribute value in each radio button(all radio buttons must have an identical "name"). While put a "name" attribute value only inside <select> tag for dropdown list. Lastly for the checkboxes, apply a different "name" attribute value in each checkbox and assign also a value for the "value" attribute in each checkbox (ie. <input type="Checkbox" name="langHTML" value="HTML"> HTML<br/> <input type="Checkbox" name="langC++" value="C++"> C++ <br/>).

Hope this helps.