Good day,

I want to use N-TIER for my application.I have DAL and BAL already, since i have that 2 project already. am missing 1 project which is the UI.so i created my UI project. Since am excited to test my simple n-tier i created a simple GUI using gridview control. I dont have any problem reagrding the asp controls, but when i start my code behind using c#. I create a simple method just to pass the value of the database in my gridview.

gv.DataSource = myBAL.GetRecord(_myRecord);

the problem is that when i tried to implement my method that record is not implemented on my BAL project.

is there any thing missing on my project?

here is my question/
1. Do i have to create dll for my UI?
2. how can i create dll for my project?


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what does myBAL.GetRecord(_myRecord) return? It sounds like a single object, in which case it would not work because the GridView expects a list of items. It needs to return an IEnumerable, List, or something along those lines.


good day @nakor77 it return nothing.. my UI and BAL i think are not connecting to each other. because once i generate the Getrecord from the UI it does not generated in the BAL layer.

any suggestion?

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