is there any simple or basic example on how to code basic php forms and print them out from the webpage?


Do you mean a mechanical printer, printing the form as shown on your webpage? If so, then you can read the tutorial here. The tutorial will teach you how to create a PDF file with forms in it. PDF format have a nicer output for the mechanical printer compared to direct printing of an actual webpage..

yes this is too perfect actually, one more thing, is there another alternative instead of pdf output, it will rather display a paper like page or a microsoft word like (not editable, but can be highlighted)

thanks a lot!

thanks broj1,

guys, whats your advise on printing the form just like the pdf, but only a look alike of the pdf into a webpage? can i use css, tables or both? last question, thanks

Is the problen a layout or the appearance of the form elements? I think you should experiment using css / tables. I also guess the outcome might depend on browser used.

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