How to Convert number from digits to words into two languages English language and Marathi language
Is it possible using php?

Can anybody help me?

If I understand the question correctly you would like to suplement numbers with words in two languages. I would do that with arrays. If the range of numbers is not too big you can map numbers to words directly:

$englishWords = array(
    1 => 'one',
    2 => 'two',
    3 => 'three',
    1 => 'four',
    5 => 'five',

$marathiWords = array(
    1 => 'one in marathi',
    2 => 'two in marathi',
    3 => 'three in marathi',

echo '2 is ' . $englishWords[2] . ' in english and ' . $marathiWords[2] . ' in marathi.';

Depending on how you intend to use the numbers they could be also in one two-dimensional array:

// using italian in this example since I do not speak marathi :-)
$number2words = array(
    1 => array('english' => 'one', 'italian' => 'uno'),
    2 => array('english' => 'two', 'italian' => 'due'),
    3 => array('english' => 'three', 'italian' => 'tre'),

echo '2 is ' . $number2words[2]['english'] . ' in english and ' . $number2words[2]['italian'] . ' in italian.';

If you have a big range of numbers then you have to make up some more clever logic to display numbers with words (like interpreting hundreds, thousand etc).

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This can be more complicated in non-English languages. Most languages have distinct names for 0-20, and mutiples of 10 up to 100 - some of which seem to be multiples of others, e.g. 80 in French = "quatre-vingts". Then distincts for the occasional power of 10: (100, 1000, 1000000 ...)

Some, like Italian contract when two consecutive vowels come into contact, e.g.

21: ventuno (venti + uno)
38: trentotto (trenta + otto)

A further complication can arise if using gender forms for certain objects, e.g. Welsh

2: dau, dwy
3: tri, tair

These issues tend not to arise in English, but sometimes you need to insert things like "and", e.g. one hundred "and" one; two thousand "and" forty-six.

Marathi from what I can gather has a similar pattern to most others?

Perhaps the best approach would be to create a 'rules' array or 'combination' array for each language too.

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So, I have to write each number into word in array , am I right?

Is there any function in php to convert number into word automatically?

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Trying for marathi.