I could not put Wamp on line because port 80 was used by IIS7, so I changed it to port 81 and
the icon became green,is on line. If I click on phpmyAdmin though I get error 404 not found.I
read that phpmyAdmin also uses port 80 so should I change it to 81 too?And how do I do that?
Thank you for your help.

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I have changed to port 8080 for Wamp, now Wamp works thank you.I don't want to disable IIS because I need it to test my sites.


Sorry assumed you were using Apache, so would make no sense to run IIS too, unless you're using .net too.



can you type localhost:80/phpmyadmin or localhost:8080/phpmyadmin on your browser? One of these should allow you to access the phpmyadmin page.

Can you use the windows file search and search for the location of wampmanager.ini or wampmanager.tpl? I am not sure though, but I think it is worth trying. You can search the two files on google to see if someone already posted it online for this pupose.

Although I am not sure which of the two is responsible for generating the parameter http://localhost/phpmyadmin/, it has to be changed to http://localhost:8080/phpmyadmin/, if the browser test suggested above works.

Otherwise, you should consider installing xampp or something that can be easily configured. Portable xampp and portable nginx can do this job without using up your free time trying to configure it to work.

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