Hi all, Im trying to get some data from an Ajax callback and use it in another function (from a php file).

I was just wondering if there was a way to pass data returned from the callback to another function.

I could just do the function at success but, this alternative option would open a lot of other doors for me.

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Hi Soapuillusion,
I'm really puzzled by what you mean? Can you please elaborate, explain it further?

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Ok so I decided against using an ajax callback of any kind. I decided im just going to return a php variable to my view, and it first seemed very promising. But I've hit another snag. Outputing only as many {index:val} with in an javascript array as there are indexes in a php variable. This length will be different each time the action is ran therefore the number of {index:value} outputed with in javascript object will also be different everytime.

Any ideas anyone?

P.S im outputting this javascript object within a JqGrid.


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