we are thinking about making module which will use video streaming from our server, php, database.

We want to make it posible to integrate into any website as easily as posible.

What would be the easiest way, how should I search information about this? I tried quick searching but did not found info on this topic.

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This is my first post in Daniweb... an extremely talented co-developer invited me here to join Daniweb. I am an active member of stackoverflow, phpclasses.org. I hope I can be of a little help here as what my colleague Veedeoo told me.

I was the co-developer of an open source video sharing application supported by softaculous..

Have you thought or cosidering Red5 for content delivery (server side), and flowplayer (user side).

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@oop_php, Dude thanks for accepting my invitation..

@SPeed_FANat1c , red5 and other players will also do the job. This is for paid content streaming though, but for videos that are for gratis or free, you can just provide them with embed codes.

For additional security and validation, you may want to use pseudostreaming script by xmoov. oop_php and I modified the pseudostreaming by xmoov to hide the url of the video, but that is not enough, it has to be delivered by red5 and then use the pseudostreaming for the link with secret salt.

You can search for xmoov on google, or if you can't find it let oop_php know, so that he can help you with the script, and then ask him how to impliment codes below.

$salt = 'K49sS9q0';
define('XMOOV_GET_AUTHENTICATION', 'token');
   header("HTTP/1.0 401 Access Denied");

Codes above if added to the xmoov written by Eric Lorenzo Benjamin jr owner of the xmoov, the video cannot be access directly except by the player..e.g. jwplayer.

Welcome to Daniweb oop_php.. I am heading to New Jersey.... talk to you later Dude.. :)

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hey, welceme to the forum, oop_php.

I haven't heard red5. I chekcked flowplayer.

But then I also started considering simple html 5 video tag. User does not need controls or something. And we are not caring too much if the videos will be copied or something. Videos without our game have not much worth. And who wants to get copies of them, probably already have.

Was experimenting with video tag. But not sure if thats efective. Converted videos of low quality might be 3.5-4 MB in size. So user need to download it everytime. MAybe there is some caching solution, once they have viewed once on their computer.

But this not all about videos.

Another thing is - what technique to use so our soft would be posible to easily integrate into other client website? As I said we want it to use our database and php server. User will be having deposited money and will use this money to play.


one solution is probably to use iframe to have our content in clients website. Is this teh only solution or is there someting more?


I searched why iframes are bad and find various reasons not to use them. But they are missing one thing - what is replacement, they don't thell this.

But also found such posts that facebook and gmail use them heavily. So if they were that bad, probably such companies would not use them.

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