I have built a web site and it works in every browser except for, of cource Internet Explorer, is there some normalized code that I can copy and paste that will make everything work in I.E.? Or do I need to go through and make a new css for everything and specifically tailor it for I.E.? Thanks in advance for your input.

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Hello GraficRegret,

Unfortunately there is no way, or at least that I am aware of, that would convert your code into something that IE can understand.
The majority of your code and styling should work however, if you copy and paste the areas which aren't working then we can see what you are talking about.

One thing I should point out is that you MUST have a DOCTYPE declaration at the top of your page for IE to work properly, otherwise it goes into what is called 'quirks mode' which is where it uses backwards compatability and therefore doesn't display as it should.

ok thanks Harris, I have to go through each page and see what is broken and adjust accordingly then, I wish they would just retire IE alrady so many other browsers that are so much better.

If you are including CSS3 and HTML5, it may be very challenging for you especially if you are trying to include support for IE8 or earlier.

What version of IE are you trying to code for? You can use IE conditional statements to "do stuff" when earlier versions are detected.

I think I will do that, I need to make it compatible for just about any IE just in case someone is using IE from the stone ages.

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