Hi all
I have a website about magazines and I want to upload the pdf file into it and create a flipping book effect for that uploaded file. I have seen many softwares but he problem is

  • I want to integrate this functionality in my website
  • I am using custom Php, (I have seen module and components for Joomla and Magento)
    Thanks in advance

If by 'a flipping book' you mean that as you click the PDF page it turns to the next as if it is being down in real life then PHP isn't something that can do it.

PHP is a Server Side language meaning everything is run before you even see any content on the page. You could however do it with something like JavaScript, JQuery or AJAX depending on how you are loading your PDF.

Just a quick reminder of the forum rules though, show us the code you have so far and come back with content specific questions instead of asking for it to be made.

What code should I show you? I know that we cannot create the page turn effect in php. I cannot use jQuery or other javascript techniques because this applies only on image but I have a file. This module is available for Joomla Click Here
I just want to know the functionality of this module so that I can create my own (if not available for custom php). Is there any way to convert pdf file pages into images?

you can create flipping book easily using flash or use wordpress plugin for this

What code should I show you? I know that we cannot create the page turn effect in php

It's only that you posted it in the PHP section, so the assumption would be that this was the language you where trying to do it in.

I cannot use jQuery or other javascript techniques

This module is available for Joomla Click Here

You say you don't want to use JavaScript yet you are asking how that module works, that is using JavaScript as the description states.

You won't be able to take a pure PDF file and apply this sort of effect, a PDF is essentially just a text file with pre-applied formatting.

The best solution I can think of to use both text and to have the page flip would be to display the text as text, have an 'onMouseOver' event on the corner and at that point switch it to an image and have an animated event which then loads the next pure text element.

Not all of the flip books require images. This one will take text:

Click Here

You can generate the jquery code and insert the text in your PHP module. Using a PDF for the input complicates it. The simple approach would be to use text files instead (convert to text from PDF on your local machine if necessary). If automating the extraction of text from the PDF is a requirement then you'll have to look into facilities that can do that. I'd start with Zend as they have some PDF conversion modules.


Hope I can be of some help here. We're making a software called "FlippingBook Publisher" and also provide hosting for it so integrating it into your website isn't a problem at all :) If you are okay with using a ready solution, please feel free to check some our demos here.
Embedding with the software is really easy as long as your site supports iframes or any LightBox galleries.

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There are a number of free options out there, try those before parting with your cash. Having seen some of them in action, ask yourself, do you really need this?
Most of them, are difficult to read/navigate - that includes the paid options - just have a look at their demos - and I dare you to tell me that they're easier than a pdf reader.

OK, not as nice to look at maybe.

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