I am wondering what other people to do when trying to learn different web languages. Also, what you use for an IDE?

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What is the Best way to make a website?

It really depends.

Having a database and query is good for any website.

Using PHP Framework is good for any projects.

What would you say is a good PHP Framework

I agree as PHP allows for alot of dynamic data, its easy to learn and is in general one of the most popular ways of doing web desing.

In my opnion, if you want to learn you shouldn't use any frameworks. To learn you have to code it all. The more you code the more you'll learn.
Choose and language and go hardcore with it.

I'd suggest PHP or C#, the top two languages in web development today (in my opnion).

For PHP I use Notepad++. I tried NetBeans for a short while too but didn't like it very much.
For C# I use Visual Studio 2010.

And keep in mind that for Web Development you'll also need to take care of your user interface, using (x)HTML, CSS and JavaScript (or VBScript if you prefer, and if you do, I'm so sorry =P )

PHP is definately a great choice for server side scripting. I've been working with asp.net/c# for years now. When I started learning asp.net, I was not very strong on HTML and other client side components.

My suggestion to you if you are not strong on the clients side stuff... start with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript before you pickup the server-side stuff.

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