I am trying to develop a VIOP web application. Please does any body no how to do this in asp.net

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What do you mean a VIOP web application. Do you really mean VoIP? Also, that's a broad and vague question. More details would be needed. What do you need this application to do? are you developing in c# or vb? Have you put together any code as of yet?

yeah I want to use c# to develop a muti - media chat app were people can make call through the chat application. I two people chatting can make a voice call like yahoo messanger

I am trying to create something like the yahoo message chat. with a function were chat users can talk to each other while chatting like a normal fone conversation.

ah good one... you need to more background work on VOIP... VOIP in Web... Most possible using API its easy. if not using API, then go for an opensource VOIP if available

tans alot. are there any voip api for asp.net that you can recommend

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