I have a website with a login page I want this page to verify the username and pass to another site
and then display some details from that site on my site, soo my site would be like a gateway if you like

Here is an example This site connectusc.herokuapp.com verify its login data to this site ismis.usc.edu.ph and gets some data like grades and schedules and displays then on the connectusc site here is an account 12100017/12100017 user/pass to test any ideas on how this was achieved?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Site 1: login (connectusc)
Site 1: display data from Site 2 (ismis)

Is that right?

I'm assuming that Site 1 makes a call to site 2 via an API with returns data like json/xml. Site 1 then formats and displays this info.

There are 2 common ways to make this call:

file_get_contents() - this is the easiest method, but some hosts disable the function due to security issues.
The second is cURL. This makes a request for info very much like a form (GET/POST).
Site 2 will normally be protected from random snooping by secret keys, so the second site will usually ask the user for permission for Site 1 to access your data - very much like Facebook. This is often utilised in OAuth apps. I'm no expert in this and am currently learning about it, so don't take my post as the gospel truth.

That's about as much as I can glean from your post.

Yes that is correct, site 2 has no API's it is our schools website

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So do you have a shared database?

no the database is not accesible to the public, how can i find out if the 2nd site has APIs?

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Wthout seeing underlying code (e.g php) it's difficult to say if it has an API or which technique it's using to extract / send data.

have you had a look at the 1st site when you login it says connecting to USC database which is the 2nd site then it says SYNCING DATA, maybe its not using php? really confused on this

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Have you talked to the school administrator? Your school probably pays a licence to this external site in order to process its data. I'm afraid I'm not going to start searching these sites as I don't think I'd glean anything useful from it. Best bet is to talk to school admin staff or contact the external site and ask for info.

This 2nd site has no connection to the school admin or staff a student made it,

This is so confusing. Let me get this streight.

You login to https://connectusc.herokuapp.com/, this authenticates using a database at this site, you are then going to display data from a MySQL database hosted on site 2, which displays the content? :S

connectusc.herokuapp.com <-- SITE 1
ismis.usc.edu.ph <-- SITE 2
You login on SITE 1 with your credentials from SITE 2, and it authenticates them on SITE 2, after loging in on SITE 1 you can see your schools grades etc which are on SITE 2. how is he doing the authentication and retrieving the data.

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