I have one jsp page , in that jsp page i have four <div>'s .I want to load the <div> with some dynamic data retrieving from database. When i open the page one <div> should show the data once that data is completed another <div> should show the data. Actually my requirement is i have 4 <div>, in each <div> their is animated images talking the data whatever we have sent. so first when we open the browser the first <div> should take the data and animated image will talk, next once that image stops talking another <div> should start i.e.,animated image in second <div> should start speaking. Can you please let me know how can i achieve this when the page is loading only one div initially should reflect the data once that is complete another div should start..
I have written only one jsp page and their is no other jsp pages.

Thanks for the time.

I would suggest that you at the very least provide your HTML code and other relevant code. If its a lot of code, you may want to use jsfiddle or provide a URL if you have a site up and running.

Based on your description, I don't see how anyone can provide valuable guidance.