<?php echo "<center><a href='report.php?date_range=$date_range&patient_id=$patient_id&proce_name=$proc_name>
<img src='pdf.jpg' alt='Print Lab Resutl' width='32' height='32'>Print Report</a><center>

I want to submit some the above parameters to the server side script for processing. However, I do dont receive the sent parameters on the server script. can somebody identify and rectify where the error is .I want to retrieve the variables by $_GET method

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Looks fine, how are you trying to retrieve them?

There is error in first line .Before > there must be '.
Use the code below:-

echo "<center><a href='report.php?date_range=$date_range&patient_id=$patient_id&proce_name=$proc_name'>
<img src='google_favicon_128.png' alt='Print Lab Resutl' width='32' height='32'/>Print Report</a><center>
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