$sXML = new SimpleXMLElement('<deletepicture />');

        foreach($planspaceImages as $img)
            $xImg = $sXML->addChild('img');

            $xImg->addChild("id", $img["id"]);

            $xImg->addChild("album_id", $img["album_id"]);
            $xImg->addChild("personal_id", $img["personal_id"]);

            $xImg->addChild("name", $img["name"]);

            $xImg->addChild("description", $img["description"]);

            //$this->picfilepath = sfConfig::get('app_deleteduser_rootdir');

i want to this xml data store in dynamic filepath$this->picfilepath = sfConfig::get('app_deleteduser_rootdir')."\".$personId;
the above code generated pic.xml in my project web directory,but i want to dynamic filepath.

plz hel me.

anybody plz help me.

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$this->picfilepath = sfConfig::get($somepath);

THis all depends on how your sfConfig class works.

Thanks for ur reply already i tried this way.
file not stored in filepath inside

plz help me.

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