I have a website and so does my college. Except my college doesn't know that my website uses their hosting i.e. same server. So both of us share common IP address like

To access my college I can either use OR www.collegename.com
And to access my server I can use OR www.mysite.com

But i want to access my site via my college name like http://collegename.com/../~myhandle
But it doesn't seem to work. Can way I can achieve this? help me out here :)

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It doesn't work because you are using DNS to resolve the domain name which will not recognize your hosting instance. With out control over DNS and the server it just won't happen.

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As far as i know, the only way to handle this is to use an iFrame. you can put an iFrame in you current applications page and provide the second url in the iFrame using the iframe src.

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There are very good reasons why you can't do this. Although pixelsoul has given the technicals, can you imagine if your college shared a host with say a porn site? How would the college feel if the porn site was advertising its link as:


Your idea, although I can see why you'd want to do this, would probably cause your college quite a bit of discomfort.

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