How to resolve File doesn't exists url routing errorin global.asax...

You may want to explain what you are doing (some code too perhaps) more clearly.

Actualy when i use aspxuploadcontrol the call of aspxprogressbarhandler gets affected by url routing file not found issue in global ,asax....I posted in devexpress but no soljution obtained yet....


*   private void RegisterRoutes(RouteCollection routes)

             routes.Add(new Route("{resource}.axd/{*pathInfo}", new StopRoutingHandler()));
            routes.MapPageRoute("RouteForJob", "{JobRefId}", "~/JobReport/DetailedJob.aspx?JobRefId=longvalue");//not found
}`Inline Code Example Here`

Url routing done as above in global.asax...But when aspxuplaod control is used to upload it never works with aspxprogrssbar handler(.ashx) call due to file doesn't exist error...

due to file doesn't exist error...

What file is said not to exist?


Both the folder and file exists in your web folder?