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Hello everyone,

As a freelance i am working on my own project name myOnlineDesk. I want to make a module in admin section where i can create a database backup file and save to the system. The thing that i want is ".SQL" file. When i click on a Backup button then a complete database with stored procedures, Views and function generate a script file and able to download.

If is there any kind of help or suggestion you have please feel free to write and comment here.

PHP, ignore.

I'm SORRY I did it again! I see something like this on the homepage and assume it's php, and it's
I apologize, I will try to find something though.

You could try the exec() function to execute a command to do such.

exec('mysqldump --user=... --password=... --host=... DB_NAME > /path/to/output/file.sql');

As seen here:
(A simple Google search)
Then for the download you could just link the location of the file, the browser should automatically download it.

I see what you are looking for, but I found this one, it is written in C# and talks to a MSSQL DB and seems to create a backup. The thing is it is a full backup of the DB not just a .SQL file. I will keep looking around and see if I can find something to help you, but in the meantime....
Hope that maybe will help you. Seems you could create the DB backup and then just download it or FTP it to you.

Have a good day,

Thanks for your valuable views on this. I also analyse many blogs on internet that ".SQL" Script file cannot make a full database backup, so is there any posibility to make ".BAK" file. Can you please help me via code reference in C#.

The first link I sent had code in it for making a BAK file for the DB... It even shows how to restore the data, but since I do not write in C# I am not a lot of help with it. Hopefully it can help you out when you see it.

Let me know if I can help further, I have written code in that will create a copy of a db and make it a live db as well as a lot of DB manipulation stuff, actually the copy of the DB I make could be "a backup" but like I said it is in


Thanks Mr. hometownnerd, Its helps me a lot. I have done the coding in C# and its working perfectly even i can also manipulate the db's while taking backup. :)

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