Hello all,
My problem is there will be list of images where i need to swap the images to sort it like the way how i want to see.Say for example, image 1- position-1,
image 2 position 2 etc. When i drag image 1 position 1 to image 5 position 5,position 1 image 5 and position 5 image 1 should display(swapping).
Also please let me know how to handle this drag and drop with swapping for more than 100 images?
I want the solution in Jquery/Javascript/Ajax. Help it's urgent.

Using Rails 2.3.5, Ruby 1.8.7 MySQL

Thanks in advance

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Can you show what you have done so far?

Thanks for the reply.Haven't started yet. I need to know how can i acheive that? I am fetching the list from database and trying to define the order of display of images as i wish to see. Or otherwise, if there is any other alternate method for acheiving this,please let me know. It should be able to handle more than 100 images also.

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