I want to make a server authentication login. First I logged in with windows authentication, changed the server authentication from windows authentication mode to sql server and windows authentication mode.
Then I created a login, named it jihad and changed the password for that login. Then I gave that login some roles. I logout. Tried to login with jihad, got this error message:
Cannot connect to myserver.
login failed for user 'jihad'. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL server connection.
(Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 18452)
I login in with windows authentication again and noticed that the length of the password for login jihad has changed.
I need to know whats wrong with the login, and why the password length has changed.

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Password length probably hasn't changed, I think SQL just standardizes how it displays the ******* so people can't tell how long it realy is. Password (and correct me if I am wrong), I do not think is kept by SQL as plain text.

With respect to the log-in, check the DB & Server properties. Make sure "deny" isn't checked anywhere, and make sure you have both access to the server and DB.


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Thanks ericstenson for your help. Today I tried to login with the account I created, guess what I was able to to login although I changed nothing. I cann't determine what was wrong to pop up that error. Any way, I got what I want and thats what realy matters for me :D

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