I hate to sound redundant,but can anyone point out step by step how to configure my localhost WAMP server installation to send e-mail.I do have a GMail a/c. It would be highly appreciated if anyone explained every step of the process.Tried to configure PEAR,PHPMailer,sendmail but with no luck.

try to look for port configurations in wampp server at google. there are lots of it. the starting point is looking for php.ini of wampp server and uncomment all the comments with email.

Tried the link,but still unable to send any mail.Can anyone please help here ?

Why you just dont buy a live server, for a year not everything works on xampp or wamp. i have also a live server and i do the most online, i use also wamp and this is what i see the most times
Warning: file_get_contents ( Blablabla ) ... and on a live server everything works fine so, jus with $10 a year i think.

Ah! I figured out the problem(at least I think I do).I am shielded by my institute's firewall which blocks all outgoing from port 25.So I can't even get any of the mail clients to work properly.Total BS. Anyways thanks for the reply.I do have many subdomains hosted.But I actually do NOT require to send mail from them.The above problem was for a departmental project. So our professor after knowing of the situation,agreed to leave out the part where we send mail :P

Can u pls specify how did it become success? I'm too working on it as a part of dept. activity. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Actually,it won't be called success because I have blocked by my Institute's firewall that disallows any outgoing communication on port 25 which is required for sendmail to work.In my case,the professor agreed to the fact that the mailing part would be needed to submitted just as a function,and they would take care of it.If you are to do anything,you might have to request the concerned authority to unblock port 25 for your use.