Hello friends,i need your help in PHP.Currently i am doing a module named compare items,in which i have to compare different phones of different brands.

Working of this module:
firstly user check the associated checkbox of the phone.At a time user can Select 3 phones.A list is maintained which keep the record of selected phone.also delete(remove)
option should be there in list for selected items.
same as below link:

Waiting for Response.

Isn’t that the same post with "Comparison script more then 2 checkboxes" ?

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response to what??

You want help?

Are you selling something?

Thanks for the reply

I need help, want same functionality as that link
have. The above link comparing phones when more then two checkboxes are selected.

Ok I will not talk for others but for me. The site that you are mentioning is not the brightest example of good programming. I will not just it further because there is a chance that you have nothing to do with it. When we are programming we can’t post in a forum “I want something like this …. Provide me” without your data model your programme flow and the problems that you are facing. If you just need to copy a site hire a programmer but remember that also you have to provide specs. It is rather funny that you reply in the same question in two threads, if this were a mistake of you, you should mention it.

Sorry wrong thread