i want to be a well learner about PHP. Why PHP is The Most Popular Web Programming Language?

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Why? Simply because it's much easier to start coding in PHP then it is in most other languages.

It's also open source, which allows users to look how stuff works in the source code and it allows users to contribute to the project if they feel like. ASP.NET isn't open source, and it doesn't run on non-Windows servers.
Because it's open source, it allows people to make PHP able to do cool stuff with for example images, databases and PDFs.
PHP + JS + CSS + HTML = epic website!

Plus there are huge communities for PHP, so if you get stuck you'll probably be able to get help fast. There are a lot of popular CMS'es being written in PHP, so if you want to use those, having some PHP knowledge can be useful.

there are pros and cons in php and ASP.NET

For PHP-(Pros)
1.)opensource-not necessarily saying that it's free no matter what website are you planning. Just a matter of paying expenses for the server.
2.)accurate report of error-very readable and easy to understand.
3.)easy to manipulate functions-you can undertand fast on why is the structure of the function is in that way.
For PHP-(Cons)
1.)text based(non-compiled)-easy to get a copy and hack it (having SSL will get some more money out of your pocket)
2.)Security- though it is a server based issue, the hacker might use the script alone
3.)NO Faq's- help for you will be from other people or other website souces.

For ASP.NET-Pros
1.)Compiled program- like VB.NET, C#.NET and other.NET programming softwares, they have compiled executable file. so you dont need to give to the server the text file program... But, it will give you more pain your head for losing alot of money in your bank.
2.)Security- since it is paid mandatory, you can have higher security.
3.)FAQ's-online/offline FAQ's come in very handy.
For ASP.NET-(Cons)
1.)Licensed- Withdraw more of your money out of the bank.
2.)inaccurate report of error- very delicious spaghetti, you cannot detect the error very easy.
3.)very hard to apply functions structures-case sensitive, mostlikely based on the behavioral programming structure of Java. Needs to call libraries before doing the function's actions.

PHP is a object oriented and server side programming language which provides facility to create dynamic web pages, It is almost an open source CMS which works with PHP so with the knowledge of PHP you can work with different CMS like Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal and also with some open source CMS like Magento, OsCommerce

See a language as a product in its historical background. Programming languages always could output something, but if you wanted to output “hello name” all of that should be inside the program.

The ambiguous concept of “server side scripting” wasn’t there and PHP as a Perl templating system arose. From that point to the point that PHP was one of the first “server side scripting” languages to the success of PHP marketing (and the means to do it) was the other half. The success of that concept can be proved easily see ASP or JSP , different ideas that came out of the success of PHP.

The next big step for PHP is that many servers supported it as default; it was rather easy back then with such a good product.

PHP remains in the top of programming because first of all is cheap in recourses (I have done my tests to that). That means that most hosting servers are supporting it without any extra cost.

You can write PHP without anything of programming. This is good , this is bad … but that is. And you can write PHP in any style you like , procedural , functional , OOP .

PHP is democratic in this way , many times I have criticized where PHP is going with traits or goto , but lets be honest , if you want to be a great programmer PHP let you , if you want to be another kind PHP let you also …

A common reason is that a lot of CMS's are based off of PHP, so are a lot of frameworks, and a lot of the website's engine tends to be built from php.

No Better OpenSource is there Yet and many people cannot pay when there is better free alternative!

ASP.NET is free, so is Visual Studio (the express version anyway). You pay for your webhosting. A Windows server these days isn't that much more expensive anymore (even similar). So the paid statement is no longer valid IMO.

PHP is Free. common reason is that a lot of CMS are created to PHP, so are a lot of frameworks, Most of the user prepare to create the webiste PHP.Easy to create your website.

PHP is Free. common reason is that a lot of CMS are created to PHP, so are a lot of frameworks, Most of the user prepare to create the webiste PHP.Easy to create your website.

that is just a rip off of what others and I have said...

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