I have a new laptop and it has windows 8 on it. Which is more preferred, wamp or xampp? I know that wamp is for windows and xampp is multi platform and is easier to use (I have heard).

So for my laptop, should I get wamp over xampp?

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I know that wamp is for windows and xampp is multi platform and is easier to use (I have heard).

I like Xammp and I also used EasyPHP. I have both on my computer. You can have both if you want.

Windows 8, I'm sorry for you!

Anyway, if using Windows I normally stick to XAMPP. As simple as clicking a couple of buttons, I'm sure there are pros and cons of each, however XAMPP shall do everything you would need to develop a website on (I assume this is for your blog project).

It has a full blown Apache installation, so you certainly won't run out of features and settings to tweak!

I think I may go for xampp, I am seeing more benefits in it rather than using wamp.

Windows 8, I'm sorry for you!

What is wrong with windows 8?

Thanks you two.

What is wrong with windows 8?

I will admit I haven't used Windows 8 yet, however looking at the features it is something I don't think I could ever get used to, especially without a touch screen computer.
From what I've read about it, it looks like it is a stripped down Windows 7 environment with a mobile OS built on top.

I should point out I'm a fan of Ubuntu Linux and therefore I am a bit prejudice towards Windows :P
However, every user to themselves. If it works for you then I won't hold it against you.

Quick question, do you know of any references that I can use to create blogs with xampp (using php)?

I can't say I do unfortunately, however XAMPP is just a web server package and so shouldn't have any relevance on building your blog?

I'm not sure I fully understand the question?

I don't know, i was told that you should have a xampp/wamp/lamp...

XAMPP, WAMP and LAMP are all pretty much the same things.

XAMPP is PHP5, Apache2, MySQL and a couple of other management tools, WAMP is the same but I believe it is for Windows only, and LAMP is again the same but on Linux.

Pick your flavour and then get developing! Nothing overly special about any of them, they just give you a web server to work on instead of having to upload files to a public host every time you make a change or want to test something.

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