i more thig <M/>,do you have mysql already installed before installing xampp.If yes,then was the credentials different.Because i have faced earlier similar problem.If this is the situtation then i can suggest.


This is what I have for the security page:

And on the status page, the SMTP Service and tomcat are deactivated.

@IIM, on my xampp, it says it is connected to a mysql database... but I am not really sure if I have actually downloaded MySQL for this computer (I have for my other one).

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Thanks. Line 100 on the security.php is $conn_id = ftp_connect("");

if ($command == "ftp") {
if (($handle = @fsockopen($host, 21, $errno, $errstr, $timeout)) == true) {

$conn_id = ftp_connect("");
$login_result = @ftp_login($conn_id, "newuser", "wampp");
if (!$conn_id || !$login_result) {
$status = 0;
} else {
$status = 1;
} else {
$notrun = 1;

What is it on your file does it look the same?

It looks identical to your code.

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on line 23 on your security file which is this:

$timeout = "1";

Change it to 0 then restarted your computer.

okay, I have done that and the security page looks completely different.

The table that shows what is active/unknown/deactivated shows that "A MySQL server is not running or is blocked by a firewall!" is unkown and "A FTP server is not running or is blocked by a firewall!" is also unkown.

What do I do now?

okay, so I made some changes...

Everything is all secure on the security page and i see this on one of the secured rows: The MySQL admin user root has no longer no password. is that a good thing?

The privliges on the phpmyadmin still haven't been enabled. any clues on how to change that from here?

is that a good thing?


What do I do now?

Either start the services, or disable your firewall block.

okay so, i have been watching some videos and reading some resources on how to work with phpmyadmin and I am getting a hang of things but i don't understand still why i can't create a database. Everything that you guys told me to do so far has been working but it has enabled the privliges in creating a DB.

Either start the services, or disable your firewall block.

How do i disable the firewall block and why would i disable it?

it says on the security page that a mysql server is not running... should i download (this is on a new computer, the other has mysql but isn't localhost) mysql onto this computer or should i do something else?

Here is what i see:
A MySQL server is not running or is blocked by a firewall! --------- UNKNOWN

phpMyAdmin requires MySQL. If it's not on the same computer you'll have to change localhost to the name or IP of the other computer (where MySQL is running), or download and install it on this one.

Okay, so i got mysql on to this computer and i still have no privilges (xampp security says it is secured). Any idea how i can get pass this problem?

okay... I am seeing this:

and still no privliges in phpmyadmin to create a database.

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