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Please help me, How can i display only how many days leave when i mention last date.my system just display like 5 Days To Go compare/subtract current date.I want use it codeignitor.

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Your question is quite confusing. Do you mean you want to display how many days left? Also you're saying my system just display like 5 Days To Go So in what format do you want it?


Hi,Asprin ,You guess correct point.I made mistake.I mean to say How many days left? can you help me how can i solve it.Regards.


define us your logic.
I think I got your idea somehow but let me say it, so correct me if I am wrong.
For example. I leaved on this day and the policy of the company has only 7 working days except saturday and sunday. And I still havent used 7 days of leave so I still have 6 days of leave isn't it?

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No masterjiraya, I just want to display how many days left if i mention date register time.like if i mention date in register time like 12th April,2013 then i out like 5 day to go.Thanks

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